The Operating System for New Energy!

Put your plant on performance auto-pilot with ever-evolving smart product ecosystem for more generation and less management anxiety.

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30+ Gigawatts analyzed!

Enabling sustainability, efficiency and management of new energy assets.


Actionable one-stop insights driven solutions for health assessment of your power plants.


AI-powered platform to boost efficiency, streamlines operations, and maximizes profits.


The next generation performance enhancement & monitoring technology

Optimise end-to-end of energy system

To upscale your energy output to the next level.

An end to end solution to make solar and renewable assets more efficient and sustainable for energy producer & distributors.

Monitor your plants
Analyse every activity on the plant
Maintain a smooth operations across portfolio

The Operating System for new energy !

FutrOS is a unique AI-powered platform that boosts the efficiency of solar plants, streamlines operations, and maximizes profits.

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Health Assessment Services

Futr Audit

A series of acceridated tests performed by Infrared image captured by drone, IV curve testers, EL imaging setup on modules, inverters, transformers, combiner boxes, transmission line.

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Drone thermography

Thermal & visual images captured by drones and then analysed by smart AI/ML model to find anomalies, degradation and performance loss.

EL Testing

Testing of PV modules using this phenomenon can detect hidden defects in the structure of PV cells.

IV Curve Testing

Accredited test to detect faults such as shading, soiling, series resistance and module mismatch etc.

Trusted Analytical partner for

Plant Owners

Remotely monitor, analyze and monitor whole portfolio on a single streamlined easy to understand dashboard.

Plant Operators

An end to end solution to make solar assets more efficient and sustainable. Manage team and operations with ease.

Site Engineers

Easy to use smartphone app for site technician to identify, rectify and update work status.